This web app is an independent study meeting tracking system. At the start of the 2021 school year California AB130 was passed changing the rules for independent study. This bill introduces new record keeping requirements summarized here.

The primary function of the app is to track weekly meetings and missing work to identify students failing to meet the particapation and attendace requirments outlined in AB130. At the end of the week the app has a summary of all meetings with each active student or students who missed meetings.

Students with missing work or students who missed their meeting are highlighted in a different color on the week summary and the student detail view. I made and use this app with independent study classes I teach. As a real world problem I can see a lot of areas to grow the app. The app is build with Django, Redis and PostgreSQL.

You can try out the live demo with the following credentials.

username: Guest

password: 1234qwer!

If anything offensive get loaded into a student meeting note you can notify me or click on it in the table and edit/delete the meeting since all guest are sharing the guest account. The guest account wont be able to delete meetings created by other accounts.

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I added an announcment system pretty similar to this blog system to the app. This will replace the hardcoded homepage HTML notes. This will make it easier to add update notes to the production build and demo notes to the demo build. I used TinyMCE again since it's pretty slick for adding rich text.

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