This project is a blog system built using Django and PostgreSQL for the back-end. The front-end is the Django template system using Bootstrap 5 and some custom CSS. The file hosting for images is setup with AWS S3. It's hosted on a VPS running Docker container managment. I have Dokku setup on the server to manage deployment of all my portfolio projects through github pushes. You're looking at the project right now!

The app supports CRUD operations for authenticated users to create, update and delete there posts. Unauthenticated users can only read posts. In the code there is support for a front-end user registration system but it's commented out after making it since I don't want the public posting on my portfolio. There is support for email password resets using the built in auth_views.

I've used other blogging systems before such as WordPress but I wanted to build something that was my own as I start to build a more serious portfolio. A lot of the smaller projects I've made are command line only which is pretty boring so I'm going to use Django's app system to build basic front ends to present the projects.

This is my second Django project. So far I'm really impressed with Django which feels a lot more organized than the MERN stack.

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